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For a long period of time, no rational and evidence-based studies were published. 2007 a research group around David Nutt conducted such a study. Three factors were named to define the vague "harm" of drugs. These are:

1. Physical damage, the damage to health the drug does
2. The potential for addiction of the drug
3. Possible damage to the social surrounding of the drug user, e.g. family, friends and community.

These three catagories consist of three catagories. Independend experts and phychiatrists could assign up to three points per catagory.

In 2007 a follow-up study with improved methodology was conducted. The potential damage now consists of 16 factors.

Nutt, former government'sdrug commissioner, was fired for his findings and the overall resume that alcohol is one of the potentially most dangerous drugs, while LSD is less harmful than tobacco.

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